Our first adventure

I know this is late but here is a catch up blog and the first blog!

Taking off from the small town of Nebraska only three short days after saying “I Do”. You might think that most newly married couples would get a apartment and settle down but…..not us. We pack in a small blue semi truck with a small single bed in it. You might think “how in the world do they sleep at night”. Let’s just say the stench of each others feet in our faces is not a pleasant one. Long nights of sweating to death under the cover because you are trying not to die from the smell.

Another situation most couples don’t encounter is the situation when nature calls and you are in the middle of no where with no facilities around for miles. The experience was quite petrifying and a bit embarrassing to say the least. It all started one night I woke up in the middle of the night having to go and not being able to go outside for being a women and for fear of other people staring. I had to use a cup…..you might think….ewww ……yep that was exactly what it was ewww. Me not wanting to wake my new husband I did it. Just as I did my husband woke up and said what was that! Alarmed I exclaimed “I missed”. After cleaning everything up and going to bed it was not til the next morning that I realized and learned a very valuable lesson. If you are going to go in a cup please oh please make sure the lid is off the cup!

Telling you the funny stories is only a part of our adventures the not so fun part of the trucking life is the bumps and the long long long long long hours on the road. After being on the road for so long we try to find malls to walk around or parks or anything really to get our exercise… although it is not easy. And with no exercise comes the not so fun weight. It became our daily routine to find healthier food to eat but as I said before it’s hard.

Another thing that has become hard on the road is getting to Church most Sundays we are on the road in our cab listening to sermons and Christian music but the days of going to church and being in a community pulls at us. Wanting to be involved with other couples our age and making friends makes us want to settle down even more. The more we travel from state to state we see apartment and houses that make us want to settle down. We have been to several different trucking companies over the last 4 months hoping they would offer the pay and support we needed to settle down. We finally landed with JB Hunt. With the goal of moving to North Carolina with them. They offer what we need to do but it’s just going to take time to get there. Time to just keep trusting the Lord. He has a plan for us. We remind ourselves everyday that we only see the small picture he sees the Big Picture!


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